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DongFeng S50ev - electric sedan

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If you are looking for a large sedan that meets the requirements of a taxi, which can be used both as an office car and as a reliable workhorse for the family, then the Dongfeng S50EV will definitely interest you. The Dongfeng S50EV is based on the same platform as the Nissan Sylphy, but has a more powerful battery. Thanks to the electric motor, Dongfeng S50EV has low operating costs and good driving performance, as electric motors provide instant torque and even weight distribution, which improves handling and road stability.

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DongFeng S50ev - electric sedan

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The Dongfeng S50EV is an electric sedan manufactured by Dongfeng Motor Corporation in China. It has the following characteristics and signs:

Engine and Performance:

90 kW electric motor that runs exclusively on electricity.

High productivity and efficiency of an electric car.

Charging and Range:

Possibility of fast charging, 30 min. up to 80%.

The Dongfeng S50EV has a battery with a capacity of 57 kWh and a range of 420 km on a single charge

Design and Comfort:

  Modern and ergonomic design. Comfortable driving and high quality interior space.

  Wide and comfortable seats that provide passengers with enough space to sit. Provision of sufficient space for luggage and other items.

  Wear Resistance and Safety:

  Use of effective materials to ensure resistance to corrosion and other wear and tear factors.

   Airbags for passenger and driver protection.

   A touch control screen that simplifies use and navigation, and facilitates parking and providing additional safety when reversing.

Cost of Charging:

Electric vehicles generally have lower charging costs compared to the cost per kilometer of gasoline or diesel.

Depending on the region and electricity tariffs, the cost of charging can be significantly lower.

Environmental Advantage:

Environmentally friendly due to the absence of emissions and the efficiency of electricity use.

Data sheet

Length mm
Height mm
Width mm
Gross weight in kg
Clearance in mm
Trunk volume in liters
Motor power in kW
Engine power in horsepower
Torque N/m
Max. mileage per charge in km
Max. speed km/h
Acceleration speed up to 100 km/h in seconds
1-скоростной автомат
Независимая Mc.Pherson
Вентилируемые дисковые
Parking brake
Тип привода
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Dong Feng S50ev

электромобиль седан

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copy of DongFeng S50ev - electric car sedan

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