About us

“Individual ambition serves the common good.”

Adam smith


Our company ETK (Electro Transport Company) was established in the second half of the 18th year. Despite the youth of the company, it was created by people who have many years of experience in business, management and development of companies. The direction of activity is chosen just taking into account the above quotation. Electric transport is an area where there is both space for business and a consciousness of the usefulness done.

We tried to offer our customers such cars, charging stations and other vehicles that on the one hand were on the verge of technical excellence, and on the other were reliable, and the prices were reasonable. To achieve this, we have established strong ties with manufacturers abroad, particularly in China. We have also established strong ties within the country with manufacturing and service companies. We took care of cooperation with banks and leasing companies in order to make it easier for you to pay for the purchase. We are ready to offer you both electric cars and electric minivans, trucks and buses. In the near future, we plan the development of individual electric vehicles. Our company’s motto is “Kilowatts to kilometers” - so come with us!


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