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Hawtai EV230 - Electric Sedan

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The Hawtai EV230 is an electric executive sedan. Dynamics, luxury and comfort.

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Hawtai EV230 - Electric Sedan

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Hawtai is positioning this electric car as a city taxi

The main competitors of this machine can be Beiqi EU260, BYD Qin EV.

The electric car was donated by the company's production model with the Hawtai E70 ICE. The changes are cosmetic. For example, instead of chrome, here, as is customary among the Chinese, blue is used, symbolizing an environmentally friendly car.

The dimensions of the electric vehicle are as follows: length / width / height 4777/1794/1481 mm, wheelbase is 2678 mm

Halogen lensed headlights are dimmable to save battery power.

But the taillights are already LED, which of course is more economical for an electric car.

Tires on five-spoke alloy wheels have a dimension of 225 / 60R16

The rear suspension is independent multi-link, which has a positive effect on the car's handling and ride comfort.

The door handles have a contactless opening function using an identification sensor built into the keys.

Rear-view mirrors, which have already become virtually obligatory turn signals, have good visibility.

And for the convenience of parking, there is a rear-view camera, the image from which is displayed on the monitor screen located in the center of the front panel.

The luggage compartment makes a double impression. It is large enough but has a small loading opening.

Very conveniently designed and installed hinges do not eat up the trunk space.

Space for a spare wheel is saved.

The interior of an electric car is practically indistinguishable from that in a car with an internal combustion engine. Even the popular blue is missing. In the middle is an old-fashioned drive mode lever.

The upper part of the front panel is made of soft plastic.

Steering wheel with remote control buttons, there is a voice control function.

Full climate control.

Interestingly executed electronic instrument panel.

The multifunction display in the center of the front console is touch-sensitive.

Electrically adjustable armchairs

The rear leather seats can be folded down to carry any lengths.

Passengers have their own ventilation.

The slow charging port from the 220V network is located on the right at the place of the fuel filler neck of a car with an internal combustion engine, the fast charging port is hidden under the hood.

Well, about the technical characteristics of an electric vehicle.

It is equipped with a 80 kW liquid cooled DC motor. The capacity of the battery is 39.2 kW / h, which allows the car to travel about 230 km.

Data sheet

Length mm
Height mm
Width mm
Gross weight in kg
Clearance in mm
Trunk volume in liters
Motor power in kW
Engine power in horsepower
Torque N/m
Max. mileage per charge in km
Max. speed km/h
Acceleration speed up to 100 km/h in seconds
1-скоростной автомат
Независимая Mc.Pherson
Вентилируемые дисковые
Parking brake

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