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Электрический грузовичок SF5030EV

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The EVC5030XYKBEV electric mini-truck has a declared payload of 1400kg. The 42 kW battery provides a full load range and a speed of 60 km/h at 235 km. The cabin can accommodate 2 people, the volume of a standard booth is 7 m3. The maximum speed is 80 km/h. The EVC5030XYKBEV electric mini-truck at minimal cost will be a reliable workhorse and an indispensable assistant.

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Электрический грузовичок SF5030EV

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The EVC5030XYKBEV electric mini-truck is produced in the south of China at one of the DongFeng branches. The EVC5030XYKBEV electric mini truck has a wide range of applications from a simple transport booth to a garbage truck. The chassis is the basis, the body is selected according to the customer. Operating costs allow you to recoup your truck by helping you save on fuel and maintenance. service for 5 years. The EVC5030XYKBEV electric mini-truck is a bargain and a loyal friend!

Data sheet

Length mm
Height mm
Width mm
Gross weight in kg
Clearance in mm
Motor power in kW
Torque N/m
Max. mileage per charge in km
Max. speed km/h
Тип двигателя
Асинхронный двигатель переменного тока
Нагрузка на переднюю ось
Нагрузка на заднюю ось
Передаточное число
Объем будки
Тип тормозов
Тип передней подвески
Тип задней подвески
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