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Electrify America's charging network is expanding.

Electrify America's charging network is expanding.

Electrify America installs 30 solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations in rural areas throughout central California. More than half of the farmers are disadvantaged and have low incomes. Now they all have access to free charging stations.

“Electrify America's mission is focused on expanding access to the charging infrastructure for drivers regardless of income or residence,” said Nina Huesgen, senior manager at Electrify America. “We believe that adding renewable energy to our offerings and expanding access to public charging in rural communities will help further drive the adoption of electric vehicles in the state.”

Medical institutions were chosen to accommodate autonomous charging stations. Private investors and government officials have come to the conclusion that healthcare and education facilities are the ideal location due to high attendance and long hours of work.

Electric vehicles approaching the stations will be serviced by second-tier chargers. The 240 volt chargers are not "fast charging" devices - they are the same chargers you can plug into your home network.

Electrify America was founded by Volkswagen as part of Dieselgate's agreement with the US government. The charging network, which operates independently of Volkswagen, serves most electric vehicles except Teslas.

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